General Knowledge - Abbreviations


1.  ISRO stands for
A. Indian Space Research Organisation
B. Indian Spices Research Organisation
C. International Scientific Research Organisation
D. International Space Research Organisation

2.  LTTE stands for
A. Leftist Trained Tamil Endowment
B. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
C. Leftist Tigers of Tamil Eelam
D. none of these

3.  What is the expansion of UGC?
A. University Grants Commission
B. Union Government Concession
C. Universal Grants Commission
D. None of these

4.  Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by
A. Stimulated Emission of Radiation
B. Stimulated Emission of Radio Waves
C. Spontaneous Emission of Radio Waves
D. Spontaneous Emission of Radiation

5.  What is SLV-3?
A. The space launching pad
B. Communication satellite
C. India's space launching vehicle
D. None of these

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