General Knowledge - Books and Authors


1.  Who is the author of Six Characters in search of an Author?
A. Henrik Ibsen
B. Lugi Pirandello
C. Oliver Goldsmith
D. Mathew Arnold

2.  The book Ivanhoe is written by
A. Dickens
B. Goldsmith
C. Sir Walter Scott
D. Thackeray

3.  Let A Hundred Flowers Bloom is said to be
A. Mao
B. Lenin
C. Churchill
D. Brezhnev

4.  Who wrote Two Leaves and a Bud?
A. Raja Rao
B. Gunther Grass
C. R.K.Narayan
D. Mulk Raj Anand

5.  Who wrote the book My Girlhood?
A. H.G.Wells
B. John Ruskin
C. Taslima Nasreen
D. Winston Churchill

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