General Knowledge - Inventions and Discoveries


1.  The blooding paper absorbs liquids because
A. It is white
B. It has got small pores
C. An absorbing chemical is mixed
D. None of the above

2.  The instrument useful for the study of germs is
A. Periscope
B. Cardiograph
C. Microscope
D. Stethoscope

3.  Lactometer is used to determine
A. Purity of petrol
B. Hydrogen in water
C. Purity of milk
D. None of these

4.  Numismatics is
A. Study of coins
B. Study of stamps
C. Study of numbers
D. Study of butterflies

5.  Crude petroleum is refined by the use of
A. Citric acid
B. Bleaching powder
C. Sulphuric acid
D. Hydrochloric acid

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