General English - Double Synonyms


1.  I.The commander gave order to aim the guns at enemy positions.
II.It was interesting to see the line of ducklings following the man.
A. train
B. target
C. array
D. turn

2.  I.The management did not find her suitable for the job of a receptionist.
II.Kanak failed to arrange the parts of the machine properly.
A. fit
B. adjust
C. harness
D. harbour

3.  I.Saurabh was going to the library when he met me.
II. The newspapers carried the news about the murder with a large caption.
A. starting
B. heading
C. venturing
D. prefixing

4.  I.The constables decided to separate at the corner and approach the house from the two sides.
II. Shaloo was not willing to give her friend even a small portion of the cake she had.
A. split
B. cut
C. part
D. break

5.  I.His was the only remark which was pertinent to the topic.
II. To check the insurgence of anti-social elements into the country, several vigilance posts were set up along the border.
A. observation
B. notice
C. inspection
D. assertion

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