General English - Idioms and Phrases


1.  To throw up the sponge
A. To surrender or give up a contest
B. To offer a challenge
C. To become utterly disappointed
D. To maintain grit and enthusiasm untill the end

2.  To save one's face
A. To hide oneself
B. To oppose
C. To evade disagree
D. To say plainly

3.  To lose one's head
A. To go mad
B. To become nervous
C. To become confused and over excited
D. To lose the balance

4.  To take people by storm
A. To put people in utter surprise
B. To captivate them unexpectedly
C. To exploit people's agitation
D. To bring out something sensational attracting people's attention

5.  To keep one's head
A. To be agile and active
B. To keep calm
C. To think coherently
D. None of theses

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