General English - Sentence Completion


1.  Unlike most rulers in that ........... age, Akbar believed in religious tolerance.
A. ancient
B. feudal
C. historical
D. bigoted

2.  The government sought to set at ....... speculation that there may be a shift in our nuclear policy.
A. pace
B. peace
C. rest
D. fire

3.  In ......... of the recommendations the board has established a counter to entertain the complaints from consumers
A. adherence
B. pursuance
C. relation
D. accordance

4.  The vacancy ......... by the dismissal of the superintendent is expected to be filled up by the promotion of a U.D.C
A. made
B. caused
C. created
D. generated

5.  The presence of their teacher ...... the chit-chat of the girls in the restaurant.
A. limited
B. inhibited
C. interrupted
D. obstructed

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