Logical Reasoning - Matching Definitions


Read each definition and all four choices carefully, and find the answer that provides the best example of the given definition.
1.  Embellishing the Truth occurs when a person adds fictitious details or exaggerates facts or true stories. Which situation below is the best example of Embellishing the Truth?
A. Isabel goes to the theatre,and the next day,she tells her co-workers she thought the play was excellent.
B. The realtor describes the house,which is eleven blocks away from the ocean,as prime waterfront property.
C. During the job interview,Fred,who has been teaching elementary school for ten years,describes himself as a very experienced teacher.
D. The basketball coach says it is likely that only the most talented players will get a college scholarship.

2.  Applying for Seasonal Employment occurs when a person requests to be considered for a job that is dependent on a particular season or time of year. Which situation below is the best example of Applying for Seasonal Employment?
A. The ski instructors at Top of the Peak Ski School work from December through March.
B. Matthew prefers jobs that allow him to work outdoors.
C. Lucinda makes an appointment with the beach resort restaurant manager to interview for the summer waitressing position that was advertised in the newspaper.
D. Doug’s ice cream shop stays open until 11 p.m. during the summer months.

3.  In the Maple Hill school district,a Five-Day Suspension occurs when a student is not permitted to attend school for five days for (1) physically assaulting another student,a teacher,or a school employee or (2) will fully destructing or defacing school property. Which situation below is the best example of a Five-Day Suspension?
A. Lillian gets caught cheating on a math test for the second time and is suspended from school.
B. Marc is asked to leave the classroom due to his constant disruptions.
C. Franny uses spray paint to write derogatory comments on the locker room wall and she is given a suspension.
D. Ms. Farmer tells her class that students who fail the midterm exam will be expected to stay after school for tutoring help.

4.  Posthumous Publication occurs when a book is published after the author’s death. Which situation below is the best example of Posthumous Publication?
A. Richard’s illness took his life before he was able to enjoy the amazing early reviews of his novel.
B. Melissa’s publisher cancels her book contract after she fails to deliver the manuscript on time.
C. Clarence never thought he’d live to see the third book in his trilogy published.
D. Elizabeth is honoured with a prestigious literary award for her writing career and her daughter accepts the award on behalf of her deceased mother.

5.  Reentry occurs when a person leaves his or her social system for a period of time and then returns. Which situation below best describes Reentry?
A. When he is offered a better paying position,Jacob leaves the restaurant he manages to manage a new restaurant on the other side of town.
B. Catherine is spending her junior year of college studying abroad in France.
C. Malcolm is readjusting to civilian life after two years of overseas military service.
D. After several miserable months,Sharon decides that she can no longer share an apartment with her room-mate Hilary.

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