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Hello Friends

I took a test for CSC nd wud like to share my experience. First there was an aptitude test, you were supposed 2 clear dat test before u cud go for further rounds.

In the Aptitude test there were 40 ques nd you were given 40 minutes
3 ques on time speed distance....there are 2 stataions A nd B....the distance between them is 150 km.... slow train covers dat distance in 2.5 hrs nd fast train in 1.5 hrs....now slow train leaves station A half an hour befor fast train....after wat time wud dey meet....nd at wat distance from(language was different)

dere was 1 ques on profit....calculate d CP of 1 hen nd den SP of 1 hen after dat profit on 1 hen....den an amount of profit was given u hd 2 calculate d no. of hens dat give dat amount of profit

2 ques on jumbled up sentences u hd to form a meaningful paragraph out of dem

3 ques on a paragraph...dere r 4 ppl, 1 is a dancer 1 is a painter 1 is a writer nd 1 is a singer....u hd 2 indentify which is a dancer which a singer.....

2 ques on...dere r 3 frens nd dey hv sum marbles wid dem...now x gives to y nd z amount of marbles which dey already hv...nd den z gives 2 x nd y amount of marbles which dey already hv...now dey hv equal no. of marbles...also total no. of marbles was given...u hv 2 make equations nd solve dis ques

rest of d ques were simple u cud easily solve dem.....

second was the Technical test....75 ques nd 40 min...
2 ques on binary search tree...which of d followin is d BST....nd wen u traverse a BST den which traversal arranges nodes in ascendin order...

which is d recursive traversal technique...breadth first search travesral...depth first search traversal...preorder...none of dese

ques on Transparent database
ques on superkey
ques on query related to creatin an Index
ques on sentinel node in link list
context sensitive lang is always context free..true or false
volt req. for a pentium processor
data lines in celeron processor
most imp. phase in s/w development
2 ques on use of extern storage class specifier
ques on poitnters in C
2-3 ques on microprcessor 8085

After dis u hv an HR interview
Last round is Tech interview.....u wud b askd ques on things u hv written in ur resume...

By... Akshay Gupta

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